About us

Our mission

Avent Lidar Technology is a French company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and selling wind turbine-mounted LIDARs. Our mission is to help the wind industry use high-potential LIDAR technology to extend the reliability and optimize the performance of wind turbines and wind farms.

Our history

Avent was formed in 2009 as a joint investment of Leosphere (ground-based LIDARs) and Renewable NRG Systems. As such, we combine deep experiences in the needs of the wind industry with proven expertise in the application of Lidar technology.

Our first standard Lidar product, the Wind Iris, was commercialized in 2011. This turbine-mounted Lidar is dedicated to power performance optimization. Used turbine after turbine, it guarantees a strong return on investment.

We have now a significant track record, a factory for serial production and worldwide distribution and services through partners.

We have a large experience both onshore and offshore. Our customers and partners are wind turbine manufacturers, operators, power producers, service providers and research organizations.

They trust us